Be Different, Give the Gift of a Personalized Lotus Linen Bathrobe

Tired of giving the usual gifts to the special people in your life?

Bored with buying presents the receiver doesn’t really like but says they do anyway and that you learn they later returned?

Is your significant other in serious need of something unique that makes him/her smile from ear to ear and hug you for eternity?

Maybe it’s time to bestow a gift that you will be proud to give, and they will be more than stoked to receive; think of a personalized plush bathrobe from the Lotus Linen Collection of Bathrobes they’ll never want to take off.

Not Your Grandparents’ Bathrobes

Sure, there are personalized bathrobes with simple embroidered letters, but Lotus Linen bathrobes are known for their excellence in quality, styling, and beautiful designs.

Lotus Linen bathrobes are not your grandparent's bathrobes, rest assured. These robes are not boxy, they don’t stretch out, they wash up beautifully without pilling, and look like they were custom fit for the intended.

Yes anyone lucky to receive a gorgeous Lotus Linen bathrobe falls in love immediately with it and most likely will never want to put on an ordinary bathrobe again.

So, forget about pretty flowers, sweet candy, cotton pajamas, and ugly terry cloth robes from the department store when it's time to purchase a gift like no other.

When you see a Lotus Linen bathrobe you might just want to order one for yourself and feel the difference. There’s little doubt you’ll never go back to the ordinary, and why should you?

With so many styles to choose from you can never go wrong with a personalized bathrobe from Lotus Linen.

Perfect for Every Day

Lotus Linen bathrobes for men and women are excellent for grabbing after a shower, relaxing after a stressful day, getting out of a swimming pool, river, lake, or ocean, after surfing or any water sport, a day at the spa, or just hanging out watching your favorite TV show.

The robes are not only luxurious, but they also are so incredibly comfortable and are available in a variety of rich colors ranging from blues to reds or if you want simple white.

Materials are also top-of-the-line like fleece, cotton, waffle, and lightweight polyester, whatever you like, Lotus Linen has it in a perfectly designed bathrobe.

For a special occasion such as a birthday, check out the many collections for him and her from Lotus Line’s many categories.

For the Ladies

For instance, the Goddess collection for her is like no other lady's bathrobes on the market. The robes from this collection are designed for all scenarios from having to open the front door to receive a delivery to heading outside for the mail.

Robes from the women's fleece Goddess collection are great for snuggling, the ties keep closed, and there’s extra plush material to keep the body covered always.

Made of 100 percent polyester, the Goddess Collection bathrobes for women last years and are lightweight and breathable. Special wicking keeps moisture away to help stay cool and dry. This robe also won’t wrinkle and keeps its shape.

Relax in this plush bathrobe collection any time with its smooth and comfortable material, it is great for casual days at home or the spa. Perfect to take on a vacation so you can lounge about in your hotel room after a day of running around.

Don’t worry about cleaning this robe just turn it inside out and throw it into the washer. Choose a low-temperature wash cycle and regular detergent. Hang to dry and iron if you wish, but not necessary.

Whether you’re looking to kick back after a hot bath or plan to stay home all day and not get dressed this is the collection from short length to a longer length is an excellent choice when hunting to buy a lovely gift for a special someone.

Attractive, and ideal for personalizing with someone’s name, initials, or whatever you have in mind to make this Lotus Linen bathrobe even more unique.

For the Man in Your Life

If you need a gift for the man in your life opt for Lotus Linen’s men’s plush robe, part of the Boss men’s bathrobe collection.

Most men prefer grabbing for a towel after they get out of the shower and a pair of sweats to lounge around the house in. However, a robe from the Lotus Line Boss Plush Robe is the perfect solution.

No more wet towels lying around the bathroom, no more trouble keeping it tucked in at the waist, and no more heavy towels to lug around.

Instead, this lightweight men’s robe is, easily washable, doesn’t need to be ironed, is made of 100 percent polyester, is highly breathable, and the wicking moisture keeps the wearer cool and dry. It also doesn’t fade in color or shrink up when washed. Polyester keeps its shape and is not prone to wrinkling.

The full-length fleece bathrobe has a large hood and extra stitching for strength, along with traditional double loops, a belt, and big pockets.

Another great bathrobe for a man is the waffle kimono spa bathrobe made with 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, for no wrinkling after washing and drying.

Another plus about this bathrobe is it's super luxurious but won’t break your wallet if you’re looking for a gift that isn’t too expensive but looks like it was.

For the price, you’ll get a men's bathrobe that offers comfort, function, style, and lasts a long time. If you love this bathrobe, it’s also available for women, same look, same quality.

All Lotus Linen bathrobes – for men and women – offer the wearer a spa-like feel one might find in a 5-star resort or hotel.

Enjoy Now

There’s no doubt about it, whether it’s a birthday gift, anniversary present, for a bridal trousseau, to gift a new mom after giving birth, or to purchase “just because” to your favorite person, Lotus Linen custom embroidery bathrobes are the best-personalized gifts you can gift someone. Order today, and FYI, here’s also matching slippers if you really want to impress!

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