Thank You for Supporting the American Dream

7 years ago I had a dream. 

Fresh from Turkey, I’d ventured to the US on a mission to master English and complete my MBA degree. It was love at first sight. Staying required finding work, so I launched with full spirit into the towel and bathrobe industry, working 15 hours a day, 7 days a week in a warehouse, headphones glued to my ears as I drank in every morsel of knowledge about how to grow a business. My spirit and passion caught on like fire; I was quickly promoted up the ranks as an inventory manager, supply chain manager, and finally ecommerce manager. Still, while the pay was great, that burning drive to deliver superior service and products to customers wouldn’t stay at bay. The problem? The industry is heavily dominated by large, entrenched players with deep pockets. They have zero incentive to deliver a better product. I had one choice. Give up the paycheck, and battle the ‘big guys’; the only move that allowed me to deliver the superior quality bathrobes previously reserved only for frequenters of elite hotels. Leveraging my knowledge of what this industry lacked, I took a deep breath, invested my entire life savings, and poured my soul into creating superior quality bathrobes that spoil even the pickiest of senses; and Lotus Linen was born. 

Why Lotus Linen? Why not Supreme Bathrobes or the like? Because Lotus Flowers, like many bootstrapping, business owning Americans, produce the most beautiful flowers when their roots lay in the dirtiest water. American’s bloom though adversity. I’ve had the pleasure of watching business bloom, never losing faith, even during the darkest days, and never cutting corners or losing my desire to serve you only the best. From the bottom of my heart to yours. Thank you for supporting this American Dream.