The addition of a luxurious bathrobe for your guests can make all the difference for your Airbnb. The more comfortable and relaxed your guests feel, the more likely they are to rate you highly and return. Allowing those who visit your location to snuggle up in a high-quality robe will bring you one step closer to becoming the classiest Airbnb in town.


Customers enjoy feeling at home wherever they travel. Airbnb provides the unique opportunity to share a home away from home without the sterile feel of a hotel. Add to the feeling of home by adding the extravagance of a getaway. Extra amenities add that little something extra that guests will remember for years to come.

Why Offer Extra Amenities?

Though many Airbnb’s get by with the bare minimum, it doesn’t mean you should settle for less. Including extra amenities from complimentary local coffee to the comfort of a soft fluffy robe. Guests will feel welcomed and are more likely to recommend a place that they felt comfortable in. Imagine your guests getting in from a long flight and finally winding down to discover the thoughtfulness you’ve put into their specific needs.


Pairing a robe with other items like bath salts, pillow mists, and lotions adds a spa feel that’s sure to entice many returning guests. These simple additions can make an Airbnb experience go from 3 stars to 5 stars in a snap. There are so many reasons to incorporate items that will make your Airbnb stand out, the top reason being: more bookings.

Increase Your Bookings

When your customers feel you’ve gone above and beyond for them, they are likely to leave good reviews, recommend your Airbnb to friends, and return to your location themselves. By including an element of luxury at your Airbnb, guests will always remember the stay they had with fondness.


By introducing a culture of relaxation and restoration, guests will enjoy their time at your Airbnb as much as their trip. When you include complimentary items that guests are invited to indulge in, their travel goes from mundane to memorable. That memory is what will get you increased bookings and longer stays.

Offer Comfort

Offer the comforts of home when you give your guests the gift of a plush bathrobe. Many travelers are on vacation, but a fair amount are also traveling for work conferences and family

gatherings. These high stress situations are another great reason to introduce comfort into the calming atmosphere of your Airbnb.


Whether enduring stress or escaping it, one thing is for sure, offering a little bit of relief can mean the world to your customers. Feeling as though the person on the other side of the app really cares about them can make a world of difference. Keeping comfort at the top of your list can make guests feel more than welcome, they’ll feel at home.

The Best Robe for Your Airbnb

For the best robes for your Airbnb customers try out Lotus Linens for the highest quality robes and slippers for all kinds of people. When stocking your Airbnb, choosing a robe that will accommodate the average person can be a tough call. It’s important to consider all genders, shapes, and sizes when ordering.


Since you never know what kind of customers you’re going to get, there are a couple of options to keep your customers feeling welcome. The first being, keep a large stock of robes ready for your guests and encourage them to choose which fits best. Your best bet will be to stick to mens sizes S-XL.


Your next option is to contact each individual guest and ask what size they require. This option will take time and effort, but will make your guests feel that they are prioritized. The difference is either a plethora of robes residing in the property or personalizing each robe to the guest. The last option is to stick to the mens large size as a standard for every guest. This provides consistency, simplicity, and will usually fit most guests.

Make Your Airbnb the Best!

However you choose to incorporate bathrobes into your Airbnb, the most important thing is to do it! This addition allows your guests to feel transported, wherever they may be, to a tranquil location. Nothing beats a relaxing evening in a pillowy soft robe with a glass of wine. Pamper your guests with the addition of a new soft luxurious robe. You won’t be sorry!

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