There’s no denying that we all spend a lot more time at home over the past couple of years. That’s changed a lot of things, including the way we dress. In fact, some of the hardest hit industries include clothing companies that make formal wear and office attire. 

Chances are, you’ve swapped some of your clothes for comfy alternatives too, and if you’re looking for the ultimate cozy topper, don’t look further than a robe! Here’s what you need to know to up your robe game this year. 

Types of Robes


There are different types of robes out there, that might be better suited to some occasions or preferences. Let’s look at shapes and designs first:

  • Kimonos are a classic Japanese style of robe that has large, billowy sleeves. They’re used as robes around the house but can also be worn out as a coat or belted, as a dress! 
  • Bathrobes are usually thick, warm, and absorbent. They’re designed to act as a kind of town you wear. 
  • Dressing gowns are robes that you usually wear over pajamas. 
  • Short robes can be used as beach coverups or when you’re at the spa. 
  • Hooded robes can be any style but include a hood for extra comfort and warmth. 
  • A “smoking jacket” is actually a type of robe too – it’s usually made out of rich brocade and worn by well to do gentlemen while they enjoy a late-night cigar or nightcap. 

Next, you need to know about fabric. The fabric your robe is made of is a big factor in the comfort, style and warmth. 

  • Terry cloth, which is a material similar to towels, is often used for bathrobes, which need to be extra absorbent. 
  • Fleece robes are warm and soft – great for lounging around the house, watching movies on the couch, or as a cover up when you head out for the mail. 
  • Cotton robes are thin and cool, and are great for summer, when you want the comfort and coverage of a robe but not the heat. They’re great as a coverup over your swimsuit or as a loose and breezy alternative to your usual summer outerwear.
  • Silk and satin robes are slinky and feel great. Kimonos are often made out of these fabrics. As are lingerie and bridal robes. 

When you’re choosing a robe, you will need to find one that’s right for the season, in the right style, and made from the right fabric. 

Robes As Gifts


Since we are all spending so much time at home, and pajamas have become such a big part of our lives, a luxurious, custom robe is a great gift to give to someone special in your life. 

Choose a fabric and color that suits their style and use custom embroidery or monograms to make it extra special. If you want to make it an extra special holiday gift this year, include some great quality hot chocolate and some indulgent snacks, so your loved one can really pamper themselves! 

Bridal Robes


There’s nothing quite like your wedding day! It’s an extra special day to spend with family, friends and loved ones. The preparation for the big day is just as important, and getting some extra fluffy, ultra-comfortable robes for your bridal party and groomsmen is a great way to say thank you for being part of the celebration! 

Choose fabrics and colors that work with your wedding theme and style and have each one embroidered with the date and the person’s name. You can all spend your wedding prep time in perfect, luxurious comfort! 

Moms to Be


There’s nothing moms to be need more than a little comfort! Treating the expectant mom in your life to a comfortable, soft, and easy to wear robe is a great way to show you care. 

Even better, when the mom to be in your life packs her hospital bag, she’ll have a beautiful new, comfortable, and high-quality robe to take along. Because we all know that after you have a new baby, all you really want is a nice big, warm, soft hug – and robes are like wearing a hug all day! 

Movie Night


Movie night or a slumber party with your besties is a great time to break out the robes! There’s nothing like snuggling on the couch with a cup of cocoa, eating delicious popcorn, while you’re wrapped up in a perfectly soft, fluffy, cozy robe!

Whether it’s a special date with your significant other or a get together with the girls, gifting everyone with their own fantastic, brand-new robe is a great addition to the night! 

Get Well Soon Gift


When someone you love is not feeling great, you want to cheer them up. Nothing says I love you or sends best wishes as much as a cozy new robe! Buy them a warm, fluffy robe they can wear while they get better and beyond, and you’ll show them you care! 

How to Choose a Robe


Aside from style and fabric, there are a few things you should consider when you shop for a new robe. These include:

  • Color – robes come in all shades and patterns, so choose one in your favorite shade, or get something in a funky pattern to show off your style! 
  • Length – robes are available in all lengths from very short to floor length. Choose one that suits your style and the purpose of the robe. 
  • Belted - or not! Some robes have belts that you can remove, others have fixed belts, and some don’t have a belt at all. Choose whatever works best for you, but remember, you can always remove a belt (or leave it untied) if you choose! 
  • Pockets – adding pockets to a robe will practically make it workwear! Use them for your phone while you’re working from home, dog treats when you take the dog out for a quick walk around the block or anything else you can think of! 

Robes are fantastically versatile. They’re comfortable, easy to wear, lightweight and come in all shapes and sizes. So, if you don’t already have one for every occasion, it’s time to start adding to your collection! 

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