There are a lot of bathrobe manufacturers out there, but when it comes to quality and customer service, Lotus Linen is the best.

Lotus Linen offers competitive prices that allow you to buy more for less money. They also offer free shipping and free embroidery on all orders, which means no matter what your price range is, they have something for you! In addition to this, their website has tons of helpful information about how to care for your robes and other useful tips.

If you’re looking for a company with quality products and excellent customer service, look no further than Lotus Linen!

Bathrobes are a necessity for many people, but bathrobe manufacturers can be hard to find.


Bathrobes are a necessity for many people, but bathrobe manufacturers can be hard to find.

In today’s day and age bathrobes are not as commonly used as they used to be, back when people would spend more time bathing. In this day and age bathrobes are often only worn around the house or around the hotel bathtub on vacation.

women in hot tub with bathrobe

This is problematic because bathrobes have been designed to serve a lot of purposes which may not be met with a bathrobe that is not used often enough. Luckily, some bathrobe manufacturers have begun churning out bathrobes at an alarming rate due to the need for bath robes from those who want them! One bathrobe manufacturer dedicated to providing high-quality bathrobes is Lotus Linen.

Lotus Linen is a bathrobe manufacturer that has been in the bathrobe business for less than 10 years, which means they are experts in the field. They have earned this title because of their dedication to quality products and service. Not only do they offer competitive prices, but they also offer free embroidery and free shipping on all orders, and tons of bathrobe styles to choose from!

Lotus Linen is not just a waffle robe manufacturer, but they are also bathrobe experts. They have years of knowledge about luxurious robe, which means you can trust them to provide great customer service and quality robe.

Customer service means nothing if the products offered aren’t up to par with the needs of bathrobe wearers. Luckily, Lotus Linen has perfected functional bathrobes that are durable and reliable to the point where bathrobe wearers can be sure they will get value out of their purchase.

They offer shawl-collar designs for customers who want a little more warmth during the winter months and modest design for people who just want a shower robe that is more on the conservative side.

For customers who want a shower robe, Lotus Linen offers a wide variety of shower robe to choose from as well! These shower robes are crafted from high-quality materials and offer designs that make them safe to use as shower robes or as shower towels.

Lotus Linen offers separate robes at prices that allow you to buy more mid thigh length waffle robe for less money. Not only do they offer bathrobes, but they also offer free shipping and free embroidery on all orders! They have tons of bathrobe styles to choose from including fleece, cotton, terrycloth, fleece robes, silk robes.


Lotus Linen understands your kimono style robe needs. They provide high quality robe at prices that allow you to buy more. Not only do they offer competitive prices, but they also offer free embroidery and free shipping on all orders!

white cotton robes for women and men


Lotus Linen offers free shipping, embroidery, and other helpful bathrobe information for customers on their website!


Lotus Linen offers free shipping, free embroidery, and other robe information for customers on their website! They offer competitive prices, plus they have been in the robe business for a very short time. Their vision allowed them to become robe experts.

customized bathrobe 

Not only do they offer quality products at competitive prices, but also they offer free embroidery and free shipping. Customers are always happy with the customer service that this company provides. A lot of people come back to Lotus Linen time and again because of how amazing their bathrobes are!


You can feel safe and confident in your new cotton robe purchase when you choose Lotus Linen. You will never get warm robe of such high quality for such low prices anywhere else! Customers always want to come back time and again so they get new robe with their free embroidery on each order.


If you are looking for shawl collar robe that are affordable, choose Lotus Linen. You will not find bathrobes with free embroidery and free shipping anywhere else! Order your best bathrobes today!


They also have competitive prices that are perfect for any robe buyer!

Lotus Linen offers kimono style bathrobes of the highest quality and bathrobes that are unbeatable in terms of price. It is not just robe that you can find at Lotus Linen, but bath towels and robe sets as well.


For any robe buyer looking for a robe with competitive prices, they should get their robes from Lotus Linen. For any customer who wants free shipping and free embroidery with all orders, get their robes from Lotus Linen!

 ultra soft plush robes

They have the material, plush material that is not available at most other stores. Their material makes their robe comfortable to wear. They provide robe that are thick enough to keep you warm but light enough for them to be easily folded up into travel sized robes so that you can take them with you to the gym, office or anywhere else.


Most absorbent: Lotus Linen Classic Robes

Most absorbent robe is the Lotus Linen Classic Robe. It is made of 60% cotton and has a luxurious waffle texture finish. This robe absorbs moisture quickly and dries faster than most robes on the market. This favorite bathrobe comes with a matching belt that is adjustable. The hooded bathrobes can be machine washed and tumble dried without fear of shrinkage or color fading. The cotton robe is available in white and comes in sizes Small-3XL.


Here is a robe buyers guide from the robe experts over at Lotus Linen: When you are entering a bathrobes store, there will usually be a few different cotton robes sizes for you to choose from. Lotus Linen bathrobes are offered in 5 sizes, which are small, medium, large, XL, 2XL and 3XL robe. As you can see bathrobes come in all different shapes and sizes.

The bathrobe should be used by itself to dry off after a bath or post shower, without using a towel first. Towels should only be used to blot off bathrobes and never for drying off with. After bathrobes have been air dried, robe should be stored in a place that is free from moisture. When bath robes are stored in moist environment, mildew can form on robe and damage them.

Before putting on your robe, always pull the hood up and check for strings hanging down that would snag or leave lint. Once the robe is on, tie it securely to keep it at throat level. The belt should be tied so it will not come undone during wear. If you are using a towel to blot off wetness after hot shower, be sure to wear your robe over the towel. If you wear a cotton robe without having dried off first, then there is a chance that you will get mildew on the inside of the robe.

short waffle robes 

It's beneficial to go with a robe company that cares about you as a customer, and that is exactly what Lotus Linen does!

There are many robe companies that offer robe, but it is beneficial to go with robe company that cares about your needs as a customer. That robe company is Lotus Linen! They have bathrobes for sale at competitive prices and they offer free shipping and free embroidery on all orders. They also have many wonderful offers for customers so customers can feel good about their purchase!


Bathrobes from Lotus Linen are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, so customers can find the perfect robe to wear! Their cottons better than Egyptian cotton robes. In addition to cotton poly blend robe they have matching slippers for sale. If you want extra warmth or style then they have items that can accommodate your needs!


Lotus linen also has a wonderful return policy. If you are not happy with the robe for any reason they will refund or replace it, so customers can shop worry free! You wear cozy robe everyday, and if you wear pajamas then wear them too. Why not wear a quality robe that is inexpensive and available for free shipping and embroidery! This robe company cares about its customers, which is difficult to find in the robe industry. If you wear robes then wear them on this website!


Lotus Linen offers cotton robes, thick cotton robes, polyester cotton blend robes, regular robe, cuddle robes (for added warm), robe with pockets, matching slippers, robes with hoods. They also offer bathrobes for both men and women.

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