It's time to put away the bulky, heavy winter clothes for a lighter and more comfortable wardrobe. But before you do that, be sure to choose a new waffle bathrobe! The best bath waffle robes have a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. There are many different reasons why you would want a new waffle bathrobe: maybe it's for a gift or just because you want a new look for your bathroom. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect one!


The first thing you should think about when deciding on a soft waffle bathrobe is what material it is made out of. This guide focuses on the best materials for bathrobes: waffle weave robe and terry cloth. You can find both kinds in many different colors and patterns. 

Cotton Bathrobes- Cotton bath robe are very popular because they are cozy and comfortable. They are usually lightweight, which makes them easy to wear all year round. Waffle Cotton robe are less expensive than other types, but that does not mean they aren't as stylish or high quality!

Terry Cloth Bathrobes- Terry cloth bath robe are very absorbent because the fabric is made of loops. This makes them a good choice for people who are always in and out of the shower or tub. The material makes them heavier than other robes, but they are still very breathable.

waffle weave robe


Another important thing to think about is what size bath robe you want. There are two main sizes when it comes to bathrobes: one size fits most and plus size wrap around.

One Size Fits Most Bathrobes- One size bath robe are usually designed to fit someone who is 5'8" and under. If you are shorter than this, then one size might work for you; however, if you are taller, consider other options like the plus size robe. Plus Size Bath robe- Plus size bathrobes are made to fit people who are 5'8" or taller. If you feel that one size robes do not cover your body enough, then a plus size robe garment is a good choice for you.


The last thing to think about when choosing a cozy waffle bath robe is what style you want. There are many different styles of luxurious waffle robes, but some are more popular than others. Here are examples of the most common types:

• Hooded- Cozy A hooded bath robe has an attached hood that can help protect your hair from getting wet while you shower or bathe. • Froggers- Froggers are lapels on the front of a bath robe that help protect your body from getting wet. This style is usually paired with a matching belt, which helps keep the froggers from opening. • Open Front- An open front sexy bathrobe has a loose, V-shaped opening that does not close fully. They are often made of terry cloth to keep you warm and clean as you step out of the shower.

red color plush robe


Fold-over Muff- Fold-over muff robes are made with a fold over design that closes in front and can be worn around your wrist or hand to stay warm while you walk out of the bathroom.

• Wrap Style- A wrap style women waffle bathrobe has two overlapping pieces in front. This type of bathrobe is usually used for bathing or lounging, but it's also a good option if you want to stay warm after your shower.


Finally, when choosing a cozy waffle bathrobe, remember to think about how it fits. The way a waffle bathrobe fits is just as important as the color and style because it can affect whether or not you enjoy wearing it and how comfortable you feel during use. Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying a bathrobe:

• How loose or tight is the robe? • Does the length cover my entire body? • Do I like how the material feels against my skin? • How does it fit around my neck and waist? If you can answer these questions about the bathrobe you are considering, then you have probably found one that fits your style and comfort needs. I'm size Large but I prefer xl size roomy waffle bathrobe.

Remember to think about these 5 things before choosing a bathrobe: material, size, style, fit and color. Once you have decided on all of these things, finding the best bathrobe for your needs should be simple!


Types of bathrobes available (cotton, terry cloth, etc)



There are a variety of waffle bath robe available on the market, but the most popular types are cotton, terry cloth and fleece. Cotton bath robes are usually lightweight and comfortable, making them a good choice for all year round use. Terry cloth bath robes are highly absorbent and perfect for people who are always in and out of the shower or tub. Double stitched Fleece bath robes are usually thick and warm, making them a good choice for cold weather.


Choosing a bathrobe based on your purpose [for example: if it's for medical reasons]

If you have sensitive skin or need to cover up while going from the shower to another room, choosing a terry cloth short robe might be the best choice. They are absorbent and will quick drying robe after getting wet. If you want a luxurious bathrobe to lounge in while you're getting ready, choose a lighter weight deep pockets cotton robe. These robes are usually very soft and light, making them comfortable to wear during warmer months or if your air conditioning is running really high. If all you need is warmth, then get a fleece robe. They come in many colors and patterns and can be found in most department stores.

terry cotton bathrobe


Choosing a waffle best bathrobes based on color

As mentioned before, you can choose a waffle weave short robe for practically any occasion or season.(Perfect Gift) For wintertime, the colors usually range from darker green and burgundy to red and black. If it's more of a summer time feel you're going for, consider blue and peach colored robes. There are even some bathrobes that have prints, like stripes or polka dots. The best way to know what color will look best on you is to go into the store or department and try them on!

Choosing a bathrobe based on pattern

Bath robe with patterns can be tricky to pull off, especially if you're on a budget. If all you can afford is a solid color, then go for it! However, if money isn't an issue and you want to stand out even more, choose a patterned waffle weave bath robe. Animal prints (such as leopard or tiger print) and polka dots are always in style and come in many different colors and patterns.

waffle robe for men

What to consider when choosing your bathrobe

Style is one of the most important factors in choosing a short robe or long robe, but you also need to think about size, fabric and color. Take into consideration where you will be using this bathrobe before you make your purchase. This type of garment does not need to match perfectly with any of your other bathroom decorations, but it should match whatever else you plan to use nearby (such as the shower curtain or sink faucet).

Size is extremely important. You don't want to order a waffle bathrobe that's too small and then find that it won't even fit over your shoulders! When trying on robe in store, be sure to check the sizing chart located on the wall. Most department stores have a size guide, so be sure to check it out before you begin trying on different robe.

couple matching robe

Fabric is also an important factor when deciding what kind of bath robe you should get. If you plan to walk from place to place in your top quality robe, then a lighter weight fabric cotton or terry cloth fabric robe is your best bet. If you want to sit and lounge around in it all day, then a fleece fabric or cotton fabric robe might be more comfortable for you.

Color is definitely the least important factor when choosing a waffle bathrobe; however, it can make a big difference if that's what you're going for. Just be aware of the fact that whatever color you choose might not go with other colors in your bathroom.

When it comes to choosing a white waffle bathrobe, make sure to consider how often you plan on using this robe and where you will be using it. If it's just for show or if you only plan on wearing it once in a while, then a white robe is a great choice. If you're going to be wearing it frequently and plan on laundering it often, then choosing a lighter color might suit you better.

Choosing a cozy bathrobe based on your needs or preferences

There are going to be different occasions where you will want to wear a soft waffle bathrobe, such as after showering, while getting ready for bed, while laying around the house or while traveling. No matter what your needs are, there is a cozy bathrobe out there that will suit you perfectly!

Choosing a waffle bathrobe based on where you'll be using it

If you shower every day, then it's important to find a robe that can get wet and is easy to dry. If you're using your soft robe as something to wear around the house, then it's important that the fabric is comfortable and doesn't itch against bare skin.

Choosing a waffle bathrobe based on what you'll be doing in it

If you plan on doing anything other than sipping coffee and reading the morning paper, then choosing the right bathrobe is important. For example, if you plan on wearing your soft robe to and from the bathroom or while getting ready for bed, then a lighter weight cotton or terry cloth robe might suit you better.

luxury women cotton bathrobe

Choosing a waffle bathrobe based on your price range

If you're shopping at a department store, then you can expect to pay $25-$50 for a good quality robe. There are some places where you might be able to find cheaper robe, but don't buy just anything because it's cheap; instead, make sure that the material is right for your needs and preferences.


Tips on how to take care of your new waffle bathrobe



It's not hard to take care of your bathrobe, but there are some tricks that might make it easier! Machine Wash your waffle robe separately from the rest of your clothing or towels. You can ,machine wash it with cold water and regular soap or hand wash it. Just be sure that you don't leave the robe in the machine wash for more than 15 minutes, as it will wear out faster. If you hand wash it thats fine. Hang up your damp robe to dry before putting them away! If you don't want to risk your bathrobe shrinking, then lay it flat on a towel and get as much water out before hanging it up. After it's dry, you can put your bathrobe away.Cotton robe getting softer after each wash.

women sexy waffle robe

If your waffle robe ever gets a stain on it or starts to smell, don't worry! You can just add regular white vinegar and salt to cold water in the machine wash. This helps give the bathrobe a deeper clean after machine wash and also takes out any smells from sweat, lotions or other odors after machine wash.


After wearing your soft waffle bathrobe, just hang it up and let it air out before putting it away. Leaving a damp or wet bathrobe in the laundry can ruin everything else you've washed! Just be sure to wash your robes separately every few months. Also remember not to use bleach as this will ruin the colors of your waffle robe.


If you follow these simple steps, your waffle bathrobe perfect fit and will stay like new for a long time!


Do's and dont's when choosing a new bathrobe



-Pick between a waffle bathrobe with a belt, or one without.

-Pick between short or long sleeves waffle robe.

-Pick between fuzzy or smooth material.

-Pick your favorite color!


-Buy a bathrobe that is clearly much too big (or small).

-Buy any bathrobe that is shiny, silky, see-through or has metal studs.

-Buy a robe that looks too old or worn out.

Choosing the best soft waffle weave bathrobe can be a lot of fun, but it's important to follow some basic do’s and don'ts. First things first: pick between cotton or terry cloth! Cotton is lighter weight than terry cloth, so if you live in an area with cold winters, go for cotton (or vice versa). Next up are short-sleeved vs long-sleeve robes. Long sleeves will usually have more of a traditional look while short sleeves are more modern looking. Finally comes picking your favorite color! Be sure not to buy anything that looks too old or worn out - after all this article was about choosing the perfect robe right? =>If you follow these steps, you'll find the perfect bathrobe in no time!"


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