Are you an Airbnb owner looking to make a great impression on your guests? Providing bulk robes for the bedroom is an easy and affordable way to ensure that every one of your rental spaces feels like a luxurious retreat. 

Where to start when finding the best bulk robes for your Airbnb? Look no further! We’ve got everything you need right here, from essential features to consider when selecting bulk robes for your rental property to the types that best suit your guests’ needs.

Essential Features to Consider When Buying Bulk Robes

When searching for high-quality bulk robes, there are a few essential features that you should keep in mind.

Comfort-  The most important consideration when it comes to robes, as your guests will wear them for long periods. Look for materials that are lightweight and soft to the touch, like cotton or microfiber.

Durability- Not only should the bulk robes you select be comfortable, but they should also be long-lasting. There are a variety of materials to choose from, such as cotton, microfiber, and polyester, all of which are known for their durability. 

Price- Of course, you’ll want to ensure you get the best value for your money regarding bulk robes. Consider looking at stores or online retailers for the best deals on bulk robes. 

Easy care- It's important to ensure that the bulk robes you select are easy to care for. Machine-washable materials are ideal, as this will make laundering much easier.

Types of Bulk Robes

When selecting bulk robes for your Airbnb, you must ensure they suit your guests’ needs. 

Here are some of the most popular types of bulk robes available: 

Terry Cloth Robes: Ultimate Comfort and Absorbency

Terry cloth robes are a timeless choice for Airbnb owners looking to provide guests with unmatched comfort. Crafted from soft and absorbent cotton, these robes are ideal for post-shower lounging

They are known for their excellent moisture-wicking properties, making them a favorite among guests who appreciate quick-drying and cozy robes. The plush texture of terry cloth robes adds a touch of luxury to any Airbnb stay.

Why Choose Terry Cloth Robes:

  • Unparalleled comfort and softness.

  • Excellent water absorbency.

  • Durable and long-lasting.

  • Ideal for relaxation and pampering.

Microfiber Robes: Luxurious and Lightweight

If you seek a robe that combines lightweight comfort with an elegant touch, microfiber robes are the way to go. These soft and silky robes give guests a smooth and luxurious feel against their skin

Microfiber robes are also known for their durability and wrinkle resistance, ensuring they look pristine even after multiple uses. Guests will appreciate the indulgence of wrapping themselves in a microfiber robe after a long day of travel.

Advantages of Microfiber Robes:

  • Silky smooth texture against the skin.

  • Lightweight and easy to pack.

  • Wrinkle-resistant, maintaining a polished look.

  • Ideal for travel and warm climates.


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Cotton Robes: Classic and Versatile

Cotton robes are a classic choice that appeals to many guests. Their natural breathability and softness make them an excellent option for any climate. Whether your Airbnb property is in a warm coastal destination or a chilly mountain retreat, cotton robes offer comfort and versatility. 

Their easy maintenance and durability allow them to withstand frequent washes, ensuring they remain pristine for guests.

Benefits of Cotton Robes:

  • Natural and breathable fabric.

  • Suitable for year-round use.

  • Easy to care for and maintain.

  • Versatile for both spa and home use.


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Silk Robes: Elegance and Sophistication

You can't go wrong with silk robes if you're looking for a touch of luxury and sophistication. These robes are known for their smooth, shiny texture and are often adorned with intricate designs. Silk robes are perfect for special occasions, romantic getaways, or simply indulging in self-care.

Why opt for Silk Robes:

  • Luxurious and elegant appearance.

  • Lightweight and comfortable.

  • Regulates body temperature.

  • It is ideal for special occasions and romantic evenings.

Fleece Robes: Cozy Warmth

In colder climates, fleece robes are a must-have addition to your Airbnb's amenities. These robes are exceptionally warm and cozy, making them ideal for guests looking to snuggle up by the fireplace or unwind after a day of skiing

They are soft and insulating, providing guests with warmth and comfort. They are a practical choice for winter getaways.

Advantages of Fleece Robes:

  • Exceptional warmth and insulation.

  • Soft and cozy feel.

  • Resistant to pilling and wear.

  • Perfect for winter lounging.

Plush Robes: Maximum Comfort

Plush robes take comfort to the next level. They are characterized by their thick, soft pile that envelops you in warmth and luxury. Plush robes are the way to go if you're seeking the ultimate relaxation experience.

Why Choose Plush Robes:

  • Maximum comfort and softness.

  • Ideal for relaxation and unwinding.

  • Thick and sumptuous fabric.

  • Perfect for spa and luxury resort settings.

plush robes

Waffle-Weave Robes: Lightweight and Textured

Waffle-weave robes are known for their unique texture and lightweight feel. The waffle pattern adds an element of style, and the robes are highly breathable, making them suitable for various climates.

Benefits of Waffle-Weave Robes:

  • Textured and stylish appearance.

  • Lightweight and breathable.

  • Quick-drying after showers.

  • Versatile for spa and home use.

Spa Robes: The Ultimate Indulgence

For a spa-like experience, consider adding spa robes to your Airbnb's amenities. These robes are designed to give guests a pampering and luxurious sensation, perfect for unwinding and self-care. 

Spa robes often blend cotton, bamboo, or microfiber, making them soft, absorbent, and quick-drying.

Reasons to Include Spa Robes:

  • Luxurious and indulgent feel.

  • Soft and absorbent materials.

  • Ideal for relaxation and pampering.

  • Available in various styles to suit your preferences.  

Personalized Robes: A Special Touch

Consider adding personalized bathrobes to your bulk robe collection to make your guests feel even more welcome and pampered. This special touch adds a personal and thoughtful element to their stay, making it even more memorable.

You can embroider the robes with your Airbnb's logo or have each guest's initials monogrammed on their robe for extra customization.

Advantages of Personalized Robes:

  • Adds a personal and thoughtful touch to the guest experience.

  • It can be used as a marketing tool for your Airbnb.

  • Creates a lasting impression on guests.

  • Perfect for special occasions or groups. 

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 Satin Robes: Glamour and Comfort

If there's one fabric that exudes glamour and luxury, it's satin. Satin robes offer guests luxury with their silky smooth texture and shiny finish. These robes are lightweight, comfortable, and perfect for lounging in style.

Why Choose Satin Robes:

  • Luxurious and glamorous look.

  • Smooth and soft feel against the skin.

  • Lightweight and perfect for warm climates.

  • It is ideal for special occasions and romantic getaways. 

No matter which type of robe you choose for your Airbnb, providing guests with this amenity will elevate their experience and make them feel pampered. Consider offering a variety of robes to cater to the preferences of different guests, and remember the option of personalized robes for that extra special touch. 

With the right selection, your guests will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and grateful for your added comfort and luxury.  

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Robes for Your Airbnb Guests 

Buying the best bulk robes out there for your Airbnb offers many benefits, including cost savings and convenience. Here are a few reasons why purchasing robes in bulk is a smart choice:

Enhances Guest Experience: Plush, comfortable robes can significantly improve the guest experience. A robe adds a touch of luxury and comfort that is sure to be appreciated by your guests. It gives them the feeling of being pampered, thereby leading to positive reviews and repeated stays.

Cost-Effective: Buying robes in bulk can be more cost-effective than buying individual pieces. Because of the affordable prices, purchasing from wholesalers like Lotus Linen can save you money.

Versatility: Bathrobes can be worn from day till night, making them a practical accessory for guests. They cater to visitors of just about every type. With matching slippers, you can be sure of customer satisfaction.

Adds a Spa Feel: Pairing a robe with other items like bath salts, pillow mists, and lotions can create a spa-like atmosphere that will entice guests.

Prevents Theft: Some Airbnb hosts have found that offering robes for purchase can prevent theft of linens. For example, if a guest wants to take a robe home, they can buy it at the owner's cost.

Remember, choosing soft, comfortable, and durable robes is key. Providing high-quality robes can set your Airbnb apart and make your guests' stay more enjoyable.

 Ready For The Challenge?

With quality, affordability, and convenience, purchasing bulk robes for Airbnb owners is an ideal option to save money in the long run. Whether you’re after plus-size robes or lightweight options for the summer months, plenty of bulk robe suppliers are out there to fit your specific needs. 

We know first-hand that providing luxury amenities can greatly impact one’s experience staying with you, so don’t hesitate to purchase the best bulk robes – you won’t regret it! So invest your money wisely and buy bulk robes for your Airbnb today! 

You should always check multiple store reviews before ensuring you get the best quality items and service possible. By doing so, you can rest assured that guests staying in your rental will be well looked after and have access to perfectly plush robes each time they stay with you.

For all those who are keen on giving their customers the best experience and saving money by getting bulk robes, our collection is your last destination. Find whatever you need, and become the best host your customers will ever come across.

And remember - investing in high-quality bulk robes is worth all the effort. Treat your customers like royalty, and watch as fantastic feedback starts instantly!

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